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Traditional Chinese medicine embodies profound philosophical wisdom, the Chinese nation's thousands of years of health care concept and practical experience, It is the treasure of ancient Chinese science, the key to open the treasure house of Chinese civilization and the forerunner of the great rejuvenation of Chinese culture. Zibutang and Zufang have passed on for more than six hundred years and started again in the tide of reform and opening up. Focus on the health industry based on the long-standing innovation theory and ancestral formula of nourishing hall.

Zibutang can be inherited to this day by the public praise and high-quality authentic products. Strict management standards and procedures have been established for each link of nourishing products from raw materials to finished products, And strictly in accordance with GMP, HACCP, ISO9001, ISO22000 and other relevant standards for production and quality control, Accurately control each process flow. In order to ensure the quality of authentic products, we established Jiangsu nourishing Tang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., established in the plant area of 50 mu It has 200 million square meters of S-class production workshop and more than 1600 square meters of professional testing building, and is equipped with High standard testing equipment and personnel.

Zibutang has always been committed to the high quality OEM / ODM nutritional food, health food professional production services. Follow the health principles of organic, natural, ecological and reassuring, with the best origin and original ecological products Zhenpin guarantees people's healthy life. Relying on accurate market positioning and continuous innovation, to provide high-quality customers with good products suitable for the market.

Nourishing hall takes "nourishing life and health" as its brand culture, Adhering to the core concept of "good", carrying forward the spirit of "good as water, water is good for all things without struggle". To create products with the attitude of pursuing perfection, and to give healthy life through nourishing and benefiting, So as to create the life meaning and real value of healthy life.

Nourishing hall takes planting and production of good products as its own duty, and all adhering to good quality and moral character are based on it!

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  zibutang Logo Obtained Art Wor...

zibutang Logo won the registration of art works of China National Copyright Administration.

05-04 2020
zibutang Logo Obtained Art Work Registration

zibutang Logo won the registration of art works of China National Copyright Administration.