Establish a standard system from the source, establish independent cultivation standard planting schemes, purchase and storage inspection standard processes; establish standard operating procedures, standard management specifications, production process procedures and enterprise internal controls that are stricter than national standards in accordance with ISO9001, HACCP and GMP full process Standards; establish a standard electronic monitoring auxiliary program throughout the production process; cooperate with SC (food production license) to establish 12315.SC product quality traceability system, detailed feedback of product-related traceability to ensure product quality safety

Management of production qualifications of production personnel: All personnel undergo a medical examination at least once a year and need to obtain a health certificate; they must undergo a series of trainings on corporate culture, professional knowledge, product knowledge, GMP basic knowledge, etc. before entering the job. The middle-level managers have more than 10 years of health food or medicine management experience, and the senior management have more than 30 years of health food or medicine experience.

Supplier management: select the top suppliers of raw materials in the world to cooperate, conduct regular on-site quality audits and qualification audits of raw material suppliers, and meet the standards before they can develop and cooperate as qualified suppliers of our company;

Material management: All incoming materials come from qualified suppliers of our company. After passing the batch-by-batch inspection, they can be put into storage and used for product production. All raw materials have a validity period and a re-inspection period within the validity period, which fully guarantees the material Effectiveness and safety.

Material management: All incoming materials come from our qualified suppliers, and can be put into storage and used for product production after batch-by-batch inspection. All raw materials have a validity period and a re-inspection period within the validity period, which fully guarantees the effectiveness of the materials Sex and safety. Material supplier screening and audit process; material sampling, acceptance and distribution process; unqualified material processing process; establishment of label standard sample and label sample review process; specification of material name, determination of material coding scheme; product pre-shipment inspection System; sample management system; quality inspection process in the warehouse.

Clean area environmental control management: the clean level of the clean area is 100,000, and the air is filtered through three stages: primary efficiency—medium efficiency—high efficiency filter; the purified water used is filtered through mechanical filter—activated carbon filter—secondary reverse osmosis membrane. The air is regularly disinfected with ozone, and the walls, floors, and equipment surfaces are regularly disinfected with disinfectants; the clean area is regularly monitored for the environment, and production can only be carried out after the indicators are qualified.

Production site management: The products produced in each process can pass into the next process only after passing the inspection and evaluation; standardized operation; full-time supervision of quality personnel. Production process monitoring system; clean area environment control system; workshop quality and safety key control point system; measuring instrument management system; production process quality analysis system; finished product release system.

Regulatory support: product after-sales service standard process; master the implementation and implementation of national policy and regulatory documents; standardized work system; license application, review and renewal process; industry norms implementation and certification system; file management system.

Management of documents and regulations: In accordance with the requirements of GMP, HACCP and ISO systems, standard operating procedures, standard management procedures, production process regulations and enterprise internal control standards higher than national standards have been formulated.

Sophisticated improvement: Regularly organize internal quality audits of enterprises, optimize management processes, and continuously improve.