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1. Hard capsule

Fill a hollow capsule with a certain amount of raw materials into a uniform powder or granules, comply with the natural structure of the human esophagus, and use techniques such as stomach dissolution or enteric dissolution to effectively absorb the effective ingredients of nutritional functional foods and lengthen the useful time Avoid the destruction of stomach acid. The standard of hard capsules is divided into 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, the larger the number, the smaller the volume.

2. Granules

Granular preparations made by combining the main materials with suitable auxiliary materials can generally be divided into soluble granules, suspension granules and effervescent granules. If the particle size is in the range of 105-500 microns, it is also called Fine granules. Its main feature is that it can be swallowed directly, or can be washed into water for drinking. It is more convenient to apply and carry, and the dissolution and absorption speed is faster.

3. Tablets

Ordinary tablets: raw materials and auxiliary materials are directly mixed and compressed into tablets, generally referring to uncoated tablets. Most are compressed into ordinary tablets and served with boiled water in a complete form.

Coated tablet: refers to a tablet coated with a film on the core (compressed tablet). The coating can increase the stability of the drug in the tablet and mask the bad smell of the drug; improve the appearance of the tablet and reduce the irritation.

Chewable tablets: Chewable tablets are chewed or sucked in the oral cavity to dissolve the tablets and swallowed and absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract.

Effervescent tablet: An effervescent tablet refers to a tablet that contains sodium bicarbonate and organic acids and emits a large amount of carbon dioxide in the presence of water. This tablet disintegrates rapidly when it generates water when in contact with water, and can be taken orally.

4. Powder

One of the common dosage forms refers to a mixture of multiple raw materials or a single raw material to make a powder, packaging forms: strips, bags, cans, specifications 1-5g, 5-15g, 20-100g, 100-1000g . The surface area of the powder is large, with the characteristics of easy dispersal and quick effect. The aluminum foil package has excellent barrier performance, excellent air barrier, anti-oxidation, waterproof, and moisture resistance. The transparent package has good visibility and intuitive understanding of the contents of the product, and is generally used for products with short shelf life. Powder packaging shapes are: four-side seal, three-side seal, back seal, strip back seal, bottled, canned. ;

Category: Flavors: (Fruit, Milk, Coffee, Tea, Fermented Flavor, etc.), Fruit and Vegetable Fibers: (Fruit Powder, Juice Powder, Vegetable Powder, Vegetable Juice Powder), Proteins: (Milk Protein, Plant Protein) , Tea: (instant tea, ground tea powder, flavored tea, fruit juice tea, milk tea)

Coffees: (instant coffee, ground coffee, instant / instant coffee beverages), plants: (grains, herbs, cocoa, nutrients, electrolytes), collagen powder.

5. Teabag

Teabags include single-chamber teabags, double-chamber teabags, round teabags, triangular teabags, etc. The packaging materials of teabags are: paper, paper-plastic, composite plastic, non-woven fabric, nylon, degradable corn fiber Materials, etc .;

6. Probiotics

We cooperate with high-quality probiotic suppliers and only select strains with sufficient clinical trial support; the R & D team with many years of experience prepares high-quality formulas and 24 months of stability studies to ensure that the strain activity reaches a high level of efficacy; Probiotic products with stable content.