• organic food+

    The main characteristic of organic food comes from the ecologically sound organic agricultural production system.

    The production and processing of organic food do not use chemical pesticides, fertilizers, chemical preservatives and other synthetic substances, nor genetically engineered organisms and their products. Therefore, organic food is a type of natural, eutrophic, high-quality and safe and environmentally friendly Ecological food.

    The organic logo is as follows:

    organic food 有机食品

    The use of organic logos in China is subject to review by CNCA-certified third-party agencies. The organic code near the logo can be found on cx.cnca.cn.

    Food safety level: organic food> green food> pollution-free food> general food.

  • What are the production dosage forms?+

    Commonly used dosage forms: powder, granules, tablets, tea, hard capsules, soft capsules, oral liquid, etc.

    Powder (granule) agent: generally pure product, without adding auxiliary materials, easy to take. Specifications: 1g to 10g in small bags, 100-5000g in cans. Outer packaging: aluminum foil, tin can, etc .; forms: three-sided seal, four-sided seal, back seal, strip bag, triangle bag, iron can, etc.

    Tea: The main forms are teabags and substitute teas.

    Hard capsule: easy to carry, easy to swallow and absorb, can mask bitter taste and other taste, and can also be used for sustained release. Color: customizable; size: 00 # capacity 0.95ml, 0 # capacity 0.75ml, 1 # capacity 0.55ml, 2 # capacity 0.40ml, 3 # capacity 0.30ml, 4 # capacity 0.25ml, 5 # capacity 0.15ml; capsule Shell stability: keep undistorted; types: gelatin (bone glue) capsules, vegetarian (vegetable glue) capsules; disintegration time: no more than 30 minutes.

    Tablets: easy to carry and easy to swallow and absorb. Color: Customizable; Shape: Key, Round, Oval, Triangle, Hexagon and other customizable shapes; Taste: Excellent taste, consistent with the sensory experience of target consumers; Type: General tablets, chewable tablets Agent, effervescent tablet; disintegration time: no more than 1 hour (disintegration time of effervescent tablet is within 2 minutes).

    Soft capsule: easy to carry, easy to swallow and absorb. Brightness: bright and clear; color: transparent or customized; shape: round, cylindrical, drop-shaped, animal-shaped, etc .; type: oral capsules, chewable capsules, standard capsules, enteric-coated capsules, etc .; contents: can hold powders, liquids 3. Suspension; disintegration time: no more than 30 minutes. Commonly used for fat-soluble raw materials and some oil raw materials.

    Oral liquid: It absorbs quickly and tastes good. It is more commonly found in nutrient supplements. Specifications: 15ml, 50ml, 100ml glass bottles