Talent values

Zigutang attaches great importance to talent selection and education, and the company provides a working environment for learning and applying. Through education and training, the company will become a platform for employees to exert their abilities and pursue dreams.

Salaries and benefits

"Respect" is the nourishing hall's attitude towards talents. Respect for talents is primarily reflected in respect for the value of labor. The basic salary of Zibutang is adjusted annually with reference to the changes in the social security base to ensure its competitive advantage in the same industry. It implements employee compensation and incentive schemes based on non-responsible base salary and multiple pay, and provides all employees including social insurance and medical care. Statutory benefits and supplementary benefits such as insurance, health checkups, annual travel, and factory work meals.

Career Opportunities

contact details

order area Recruiters phone Ext Email Add.:
1 Jiangsu · Yancheng · Dafeng Mr.Zhu 086(515)66882828 / 021-80392988 6008 LF@zibut.cn No.1 Zhier Rd, Dafeng , Yancheng, Jiangsu, China
2 Shanghai Putuo Aling 0086+021-80392988 / 0515-66882828 6666 f@zibut.cn 901, No.535 Caoyang Rd, Putuo, Shanghai, China
3 Jiangsu · Dongtai · Anfeng Miss Deng 0515-66882828 / 021-80392988 6001 lh@zibut.cn No.6 gushen Rd, Anfeng, Dongtai, Jiangsu, China